Performance Enhancing Drugs

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‘Should Performance Enhancing Drugs be legalised in sport’? This is major issue in today’s world of sport. Performance Enhancing Drugs have become major issues nowadays in world sports. Some people think that Performance Enhancing Drugs should be legalised because it was proven that drugs step up the level of sport and the catch will be their health, it will cause a bad effect on their health such as disrupting the production of hormones in the body, cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes. Other says that Performance Enhancing Drugs should not be legalised in sport because they takes away the true origin and value of sport. Sports were created to examine one’s ability in a certain area. According to the introduction of the book of Performance Enhancing Drugs in 1936, men and women who use Performance Enhancing Drugs, they making it unfair to the athletes who work hard to be the best as they could be, excluded the true origin of sport. Performance Enhancing Drugs is considered cheating. It is the way to escape hard work and training. Cheating will lead the athlete to fame and fortune but the feeling that you did not do any hard work and training to strive your goal can destroy a person. The athlete who get used to take Performance Enhancing Drugs are not playing for competitiveness or for the fun of sport, they are playing because they are hungry for popularity and fortune. Basically, this is the reason why performance-enhancing drugs is destroying sport. * Health risk Each of us have the right to be free, so why athletes does not have the right to take drugs, in fact taking drugs can help them to achieve their own goals. Even if they’re risking their lives it is still worth it. If we prohibit the people who are smoking and risking their lives, why do we have to forbid the athletes from taking drugs and risking their lives to pursue

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