Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

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Performance enhancing drugs in sports has become a controversial issue in today's professional sporting world, as the pros and cons are discussed in the media and among professional organizations. One article written in response to this issue, is the editorial published by 'The Age' on the seventh of May 2013 by Steven Downes entitled ' Drugs and sport: a match made in heaven,' expresses his bias in response to the 'drugs and sport' issue, arguing in a mocking tone that drugs are bad and should be stopped. In line with this view, Andrew Bolt's editorial published on eleventh of February 2013 in the highly publicised newspaper,'The Herald Sun' entitled 'Slight on sport smacks of political spin,' in a moderate tone he blames the Gillard government for the corruption being undertaken on drugs in sports. These articles explicitly highlights the complexity of this issue; drugs in sports will always certainly spark debate over its implementation due to the boundaries of human rights and ethical conduct in society. In a satirical tone, the editorial ' Drugs and Sport: a match made in heaven' begins by presenting the issues within professional Football and elite athletes, whom takes enhancing drugs for the sake of their 'Career'. The article's headline entitled 'match made in heaven,' is a Cliché indicating that Downes mocks the link between 'drugs and sport'. In the beginning of the first sentence Downes jokes in an informal way emphasising the word 'pharma' instead of Pharmaceuticals. Downes uses anecdotal evidence in order to persuade and gain readers intention, by using senses of mockery, in very informal, mocking tone. 'In theory,' drugs in sport enables an 'unfair' advantage to those concerned. His anecdotes proves that it provokes 'confusion' and 'hypocrisy'. Downes uses a typical conservative argument that 'the whole of life is unfair,' with the employment of

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