Performance & Career Management

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Performance and Career Management This report will provide a recommendation for a performance and career management plan needed by InterClean Inc. to help ensure that employees understand their responsibilities and are continuously motivated and aligned with the new business strategy. InterClean Inc., an $8 billion industrial cleaning and sanitation company, plans to expand the business both domestically and worldwide by developing a full-service solution packages. With the recent acquisition of Enviro Tech Inc., InterClean Inc. has taken a giant step toward achieving domestic market dominance in the sanitation industry. More than that InterClean Inc. will be working to merge about 60 EnviroTech sales staff and operations specialist into the InterClean Inc. organizational structure. (University of Phoenix - InterClean Inc. Case). As the company aligns the organizational structure, development of a performance management system and career management programs needs to be in place. Performance Management Organizations with strong performance management systems are 51% more likely to outperform their competitors on financial measures, and 41% more likely to outperform their competitors on non financial measures (Cascio, 2005). In order for any performance management plan to work, InterClean Inc. managers must be willing and committed into the plan. Any performance management plan may be difficult at its first practice or implementation, but with the right commitment and enthusiasm from the managers, the value of successfully implementing such plan is priceless and it would help build a strong foundation and relationship between managers and the workforce. With the new organizational structure of InterClean Inc., the development of a performance management plan is critical to meeting the objectives of the company’s new business strategy. InterClean Inc. most
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