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Abstract Research and scholars have emphasized the importance of human resources or employees in the performance of an organization. Human resources hold strategic position in most organizations, and it is the cause of competitive advantage. It is crucial to assess how employees are performing toward the realization of goals and objectives of an organization. Performance appraisal is the process by which an employee’s contribution to the organization during a specified period of time is assessed. Some organizations use the term performance appraisal, whereas others use performance evaluation, performance review, annual review, employee appraisal, or employee evaluation. Performance Appraisal Introduction Many organizations through the human resource departments use performance indicators to evaluate the employees of the company. “This process comes in hand in these companies as there is no correlation between the workers and the work they normally do” (Taylor&Bryant, 1996). In today’s changing business environment the administrators have been forced to go back to the drawing board in order to come with performance appraisals which identify employees who are assets to their organizations. This kind of systems and structures are very fundamental as it is easy to identify and reward hard working employees and this improves they performance. It is therefore important when evaluating that they should have utility. That is, when carrying out evaluations, it must yield information that will assist the company to bring about the much needed change. This makes this kind of processes to achieve those intended purposes and therefore the management is able to take appropriate measures in order to remain in a very competitive business environment. In any event, if this exercise is done poorly then it will not only be unfair to the workers but also the

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