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What will make the world a better place Anyone interested for the rest of his fellows has been raised in more than one reason this question. Today, hardly a day when the word does not incite to question their own behavior: how people can continue leading this lifestyle when people are starving in Somalia, when the inhabitants of a country kill each other, when the skin color or lack of passports is a stigma that leads to death; throughout this paper some important aspects are mentioned such as the agents of socialization that are fundamental to society as family, racism, and how religion is very connected to what people want to call a perfect world. According to Macionis (2008), The family affects socialization, and the family may be the most important socialization process. However, “there are many ways in which the family affects socialization (p. 125). On the other side of the family members are developed according to the environment that surrounds, could say that this is where we could begin to create a world better to live, starting from children. Pubertal children and always want to be with their peers their own age. During this time, children spend some time with peers and little parental supervision. Almost as teenagers like to develop their own identity for that connection with their parents often rupture and become more independent. The school stage is where the peer group is identified as such. This grouping has a particularly strong impact both for good and evil: they have a base of comparison, a realistic indicator of their abilities and skills. However, only within a large group of peers can gain an understanding of how smart, athletic and, attractive they are. The peer group also helps to select the values which must determine their lives. Confronting their thoughts, feelings and attitudes with other children helps them critically examine the

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