Perfect Prefect Essay

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1 - What Are The Skills And Qualities You Could Bring To This Role? Hello, my name is Angelina and I am hoping to be selected for the role of a prefect. During my time at Crabtree High School I believe I have developed many different skills and I am confident that becoming a prefect would allow me to develop many more. One of my strongest skills is that I am a natural leader who is well organised, responsible and can act on my own initiative. I also work well as a team player and enjoy sharing success. As a senior member of this school I believe it is imperative to serve as a role model to younger pupil's. This is shown through my standard of uniform, manner in which I communicate with both staff and peers, reliability, punctuality and commitment to my course work. I have played the clarinet for the past six years. This has taught me discipline, determination and has given me self confidence. When I first moved to his school I saw prefects as something to aspire to and I think that I am a reliable and responsible student, who can aspire others in the same way. I believe that all of my qualities I have discussed with you today will make me a perfect candidate for the role of a prefect and I feel that I could pass on these qualities and show the importance of them to students lower down the school. 2 – In What Ways Can Prefects Contribute To The Life Of The School? Prefects can contribute to the life of the school by acting as role models to younger students and representing the school. A large part of a prefects job involves taking an active role in making the school better by picking up litter, watching lunch queues and card machines for disruption and helping with fund raising events or parents evenings. However I believe that the role of a prefect has more important duties, prefects must be approachable and polite to both staff and pupils at all
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