Perfect Imperfections Essay

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I thought it was interesting how the author said that he loved imperfections. My initial thought was he must be strange to love something that was flawed. “The only ways you can describe a human being truly is by describing his imperfections. The perfect human being is uninteresting […] It is in the imperfections of life that are loveable.” I never associated imperfections, with a positive connotation because of how people try so hard to be what they believe is perfect. After reading the author’s take on perfection and imperfection, it has made me realize that imperfection is beautiful and the greatest things and moments in life are imperfect. I remember last summer, few of my friends and I got together for a movie and some good food. I was preparing the macaroni and cheese while my best friend Dena was preparing the shrimp tempura. I ended up putting cream cheese in the pot instead of butter. We didn’t realize this until after the cream cheese has fallen into a million little pieces. Two of my other friends and I gather around the pot to try to scoop up as much of the cream cheese as we could, but it seemed impossible. Five minutes later, we all hear Dena scream “Oh shoot!” She ended up burning all of the tempura. Everyone started laughing into tears at how terrible the day was going. We ended up eating macaroni and cheese with cream cheese and the burnt tempura, while we watched our favorite 80’s film, Teen Witch. That night was filled with many mistakes and laughter, but I would consider it one of the best imperfect moments of our

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