Perfect Dress By Marisa De Los Santos

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Perfect Dress by Marisa de los Santos In reading this poem Santos speaks of finding the ‘perfect dress.’ The poem is about the longing women feel to fix every imperfection. Santos also speaks about dress itself and the importance of the name. In the last stanza, Santos admits to the desire to not only feel beautiful, but to have others notice it as well. In the first stanza of the poem it says, “…..a blue confession in smudged, erasable ink: ‘I can’t stop hoping I’ll wake up, suddenly beautiful.” Things written in ink are not typically erasable. I interpret this to mean that as much as we women would like to erase the thoughts from our heads, it is something that stays with us not only in childhood, but through adulthood as well. Santos mentions seeing a title on a magazine that reads, “How to find the perfect dress for that perfect evening”. This statement references the society that we live in and the emphasis we put on body perfection and designer things. Young girls and women alike are bombarded by the pressure from society to be a certain weight, a certain height, and to wear certain clothes. I think this poem also highlights the way we think others view us. Everyone wants to be liked and accepted. We are under the notion that in order to be liked and accepted we must fit a certain mold. We have preoccupied ourselves more with what other people think and have forgotten that it is what we think that is most important. We all long to feel beautiful and regard ourselves as perfect. Santos has pointed out in her poem that our view of perfection has been distorted by the media. We rely far too heavily on other people to tell us what we should and should not weigh, wear; who we should

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