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A Perfect Classroom A perfect classroom looks like a big enough sized room that can fit to a minimum of thirty students and enough space for each individual to feel comfortable to work. Also, a perfect classroom would have a teacher who is lenient but also discipline. Comfortable seats would be a main factor for a perfect classroom. Also, There would be a computer with Internet access for every student. Finally, having a TV to watch movies that would go with the teacher’s lessons. Thirty Students is a good amount to have in classroom because it will not be as crowded as a regular college classroom. Students want to be able to relax and have their own space to feel comfortable enough to be able to work as hard as they can. When a classroom has more than thirty students it will be more complicated for the teacher to keep up with every student and can cause chaos. As a student I feel I will not focus if there are…show more content…
Some students do not have access to a computer at home so I believe it would be fair if students would receive one. Computers can be used for typing essays for the class or for studying on the Internet and even educational games. As a student I believe computers can really help on my education because it can help my resource span significantly. On the other hand, a perfect classroom to me has to have a television. If I would watch a film on a lesson that is being taught in class, I would definitely understand more. For example, as a class we can read a book about a subject, and after we finish reading the book we can watch a movie and see how correlates to the novel. I believe a TV can be used as a teaching device by having the student watch a film and allow them to pick rhetoric strategies from the movie. That is what I think a perfect classroom looks
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