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Perdue Farms Strength 1. Because Perdue uses fully vertical integration, they do since its own hatchery and feed formula to end product and transportation. Controlling quality is done from beginning to the end of process. 2. Perdue has premium quality standard of chicken that are higher than those approved by the government. 3. Perdue is the leader in the poultry business and has order-winner products. 4. Centralized management makes them closely control product quality as doing quality control by his family member. 5. Breeding and genetic research programs let Perdue have excellent quality of meaty white chicken. 6. Perdue has the integrated IT system controlling all supply-chain management process that can reduce costs and enable the associates to work easier, including attracting the customers to do business with them. Moreover, they have high technology in logistics by setting up GPS in each truck and creating distribution centers. 7. Perdue chooses the suitable advertising agency to launch marketing campaigns and advertising to make the brand of Perdue Farm well-known among customers in the fine quality of products. 8. They do the business proactively. To prevent environmental problems such as waste water and hazardous waste, they set up an environmental steering committee. 9. Perdue considers employees as associates and gives them good welfare by providing education such as English classes and high school diploma, including medical services by establishing clinics in each factory. Employees can go to test variety of diseases. It makes the company has low turnover of employees, low costs of training, and smooth working. Weakness 1. High investment in R&D in developing product quality and environment maintenance as well as to increase capacity. 2. No expertise in food-service market. 3. To export to overseas, chickens need to be frozen, so
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