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Percy Jackson & the Olympians- Book Two The Sea of Monsters In the Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson, a 13-year old demigod, goes on a quest with his friend Annabeth, a daughter of Athena, and Tyson, a Cyclops, who later on finds out that he is also a son of Poseidon. This means he’s Percy’s half brother. On their quest, they try to save Thalia’s pine tree which protects Camp Half-Blood (a camp for demigods). They have to save it because it’s been poisoned mysteriously, and they also have to save Percy’s best friend, Grover. To get to the Golden Fleece, which will heal the tree, the team has to travel across the ominous Sea of Monsters to an island guarded by the Polyphemus and his man-eating sheep, where his Grover is trapped. Throughout the journey, Percy, Tyson and Annabeth face challenges, such as the Sirens, Scylla, and Hydra. In the climax, the trio fights with Luke, the boy who framed Percy as the Lightning Thief. Back at Camp, Thalia’s tree is still injured; the magical borders of Camp Half-Blood have been going down, allowing monsters to get in. Chiron has been suspected as a perpetrator, and replaced by the extremely antagonistic Tantalus, who was cursed to an eternal fast for serving his own children at a feast for the gods. In the end, Percy rescues Grover, defeats Polyphemus (with help from Tyson, who was thought to be dead at the time), and retrieves the Golden Fleece. Chiron is re-hired and everything starts to become perfect again. They return and place the Golden Fleece on Thalia’s tree bringing it back to life. The only bad part is that this now gives Kronos another chance to control the prophecy. I enjoyed this book, but it had a very predictable ending. I was expecting more from such a beautifully started out series beginning with The Lightning Thief. The book had lots of amazing and mystical adventures that will keep you wondering. It

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