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Everyone has experienced that blood-rushing moment when your watching a movie on the edge of your seat because you're so excited to see what might happen next. "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" is full of suspenseful moments such as these. Director Christopher Columbus created these suspenseful moments by using many devices, three of them being sympathetic attachment to the protagonist, foreshadowing and use of setting. First of all, "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" is suspenseful because of the directors use of sympathetic attachments to the protagonist. An example of this would be when Percy, Grover and Annabeth are fighting the hydra in their quest to obtain the second pearl. This is an example of sympathetic attachments to the protagonist because in this particular situation, the dangers just keep increasing and increasing. First, the obtain the pearl, with a fair amount of ease. Once they're preparing to leave however, the 5 janitors of the museum that Annabeth knocked out earlier come together, blocking their way out, and merge to become a 5 headed dragon; a hydra. The Pearl is knocked out of Percy's hand, and rolls over a vent, which is almost large enough for the pearl to fall through. However, Percy finds a way to cut off all 5 of the hydra's head's. Little did he know that if you cut off a hydra head, 2 more grow back in its place, and since he cut off all 5 heads, 10 more grew back. They were in more danger then ever, and through the entire thing your heart is racing hoping that they will find a way to escape with their lives, and retrieve the pearl, the only way to get to the underworld and save Percy's mother. Suspense is created because you're on the edge of your seat the entire time, unable to peel your eyes off the screen because you have to see what will happen to Percy and his friends next, hoping they make it to

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