Perceptual Mistakes Essay

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My most common perceptual mistake is using stereotypes to first judge people. I normally assign them to a group quickly based on their sexual orientation, age, race, or appearance. For example if I were to see a couple of the same sex walking down the street holding hands I would generalize that they are in fact gay and that is the group I would associate them with. Rather than thinking they may be nice people I would assume they are what most people think of as being feminine. Another perceptual mistake I am guilty of is overattribution. Most of the time if someone has had a tragic event happen in their life I attribute that to their bad behaviors. I think it is because I can relate to some of the hardships they have endured. Also some of the behaviors I had during hardships like theirs were similar. I mostly feel sympathy for them. Another way I make this mistake is by attributing being an only child to the way one behaves selfishly. I have tried a few adjustments to help myself not be so quick to judge. As far as stereotyping goes I try to talk to people and not pay attention to the way they look or what their sexual orientation. I have practiced talking and really getting to know people so I don’t just assign them to a category. An adjustment I have made concerning overattribution is trying not to let sympathy take over how I perceive others behaviors. When talking to a person who has been though hardships in life I don’t let myself attribute their bad behavior or drug use to that. I instead think that it is their choice to behave in that way and it is their choice to ruin their life with drugs. And again with the only child scenario. I try not to let myself attribute their selfishness to being the only child. They can choose their own behaviors. I hope to better myself in the way I perceive people. I am continually working towards
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