Perceptions People Have Of The Law And Law Making

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Perceptions People Have of the Law and Law Making In society there are conflicting images of the law. For instance citizens should be able to trust and feel comfortable asking for help from the police. But things like police brutality and corrupt police officers can deter people from seeking help when they need it. Past experiences with the law can also contribute to people believing the law does more harm than good. Corruption in parliament can also leave people unsatisfied with our government and law making. If the people who are in charge of making the law are caught breaking it then you could start to question the ethics of law. Laws are made through the Senate and House of Representatives. You may start to think why these people have the right to make laws that affect the whole population more than any other persons. Our perception of the law has a lot to do with our family’s view. Children adopt their parent’s behaviours and attitudes. If a law abiding family taught their children to respect the law then they would. But if a family had a bad experience with the legal system then they would pass on their negative perception of the law to their kids. A lack of justice in criminal cases may also make people think that the law needs to be changed. For example a criminal that commits sexual abuse may only be in prison for a few years. This would leave the victim with a negative view on the law and unsatisfied with the outcome. Also there are faults in the legal system. An innocent person who is wrongly accused could still be sent to jail. Or a driver involved in an accident can still be imprisoned. Over-harsh sentences or sentences that aren’t harsh enough leave the people involved feeling like they weren’t treated with fairness or

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