Perceptions of Jesus the Christ Essay

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L Dr. Theology 107 23 September 2013 Perceptions of Jesus The Christ In the years that the man Jesus walked the Earth people had already been waiting for The Messiah to deliver them from this world realm. Most of the population at the time had conflicting variations on just who The Messiah would be and what kinds of things he would do to achieve this status. The biblical Jesus is portrayed in stark contrast to what many believe during the days he was manifested in flesh on Earth. So to understand the perception of the historical Jesus versus the Biblical Jesus, you first have to understand the who the people were that would have come in contact with Him during his ministry and life. Jesus was a Jew and so his community viewed him as one of the family and just an ordinary man. Once Jesus began to perform miracles and wonders, did they slightly change their perception of Jesus. As for as The Messiah the majority of Jews at the time believed that Jesus was not a good Jew and therefore could not possibly be the foretold Savior of Man. Besides his chosen twelve disciples, Jesus also associated with two other groups of people sinners and tax collectors (Ehrman 279). This was probably seen by Jews at the time as wicked and unclean to associate with the outcast and the worst in the community. Surely The Messiah sent from God would never behavior in this manner. However the Bible shows that by these associations Jesus is the divine in his understanding of people. In the time of Jesus there were many prophets going around the holy land performing miracles and predicting signs. Jesus did these types of acts as well, sometimes on a larger scale than the average prophet at the time. The Bible illustrates many of the miracle stories in wonderful detail in the Testament. Jesus of Nazareth was not the only apocalyptic prophet who proclaimed the imminent

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