Perception on Rural Urban Divide in Relation to Poverty Essay

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Perceptions on the rural / urban divide in relation to poverty: The urban poor in less developed regions are generally the people who are originally farmers in rural areas, but due to inability to find a living in rural regions, migrated to urban areas in hopes to find a more decent living.1 Another type of urban poor are those living in more developed regions, usually racial minority, single parent, high school dropouts, unemployed, living under the poverty line.2 They could sustain their living but live a significantly poorer quality of life than others in the same country. While rural poor are usually perceived as people living in rural regions in less developed or even third world countries, being farmers. They are usually perceived as the population that are poorly educated and are unable to sustain their living, given the decreasing productivity of land, and competition from other countries.3 The difference between rural poor and urban poor is their living environment. Urban poor, living in poor concentrated and segregated neighbourhood in central cities like ghettos and slums, with the lack of clean water, poor sanitation, poor sewage system, overcrowded shelters etc.4 While the rural poor may be able to enjoy a better living environment, as land are vast and farmers may have their own farmland. The two are also perceived differently. Urban poor are usually racial and ethnical minorities, associated with high crime rate, low education rate, drug usage etc. Violence is also prevalent, creating underground economy and increased participation in illegal activities. 5 With less distractions than in the city, the poor in rural areas are even more socially and culturally deprived than those in urban areas, as they have less opportunity to be exposed to those experiences, hence, are usually perceived as backward, more primitive and less civilized. The poor in

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