Perception of Tone

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The Perception of Tone Tone, how does it play into your perception of a story? In my essay I will be pointing out the different types of tones that are in the story called “Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston resonate. In the story “Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston it has an unusual old setting to me. The tone in (paragraph 1) starts off with the time and place of the story. Eleven o’clock of a spring night in Florida. This descriptive setting makes me feel like I’m really in Florida on a hot spring night. The story to me has an old slavery type of tone because of the way that they are talking to one another. The story also has an awkward type of setting because of an argument that takes place between the husband Mr. Sykes and the wife Ms. Delia Jones which all started from a prank that was played on his wife by him. Mr. Sykes placed the end of his whip on her. By doing this it appeared as if there was a snake on her. Because of the prank that was played on Delia the tone of the story in (paragraph 9) seemed to spiral out of control with a lot of anger between the husband and wife. Once I got to reading half way through the story between (paragraph 29) through (paragraph 60) it got very confusing to me because of the broken English that they spot and also because the story just jumped around too much. It just didn’t seem to stay on track in order for me to grasp a good tone. In (paragraph 61) Sykes is back up to his scaring tactics again but this time he actually found a rattle snake to scare his wife with. The tone he sets is very confident. I say this because he really thinks that all of a sudden he is a snake charmer. He thinks that he can control the snake that he has caught. He thinks that the snake won’t bit him. Delia’s tone with her husband is way past anger. She is very outraged at him this time. In (paragraph 78) Delia’s tone has now escalated to pure
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