Perception Of Students About Continuous And Non Continuous Evaluation Essay

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Abstract In the present educational scenario, the competition is very much prevalent and fierce. The curriculum is huge, challenging and also taxing. The pressure release valves are the examinations. The results however in many cases do not come out as envisaged by the students. This has created a cloud over the educational system as a whole. The proposed study will be based on findings of stated objectives from students, teachers and academicians from both system of education. Learning, from a constructivist point of view, is seen as a constructive act of the learner. Along with the changes in learning theory, several instructional innovations and continuous assessment methods found their ways into educational practice. But are these innovations as successful as they promise to be? In this review, the characteristics and impact of assessment are examined from the student's point of view. Research findings suggest that students' perceive continuous assessment is better then non-continuous assessment. Furthermore, it was found that students hold strong views about different formats and methods of assessment. But when continuous assessment and non-continuous assessment methods are compared, students perceive continuous assessment as being more 'fair' than the traditional non-continuous assessment methods. CHAPTER-I RESEARCH DESIGN OF THE STUDY 1.1 Need Of The Study: Education in India has a history stretching back to the ancient urban centers of learning at Taxila and Nalanda. Western education became ingrained into the Indian society with the establishment of the British Raj. Education in the Republic of India falls under the control of both the central government and the states, with some responsibility lying with the centre and the state having autonomy for the others. Constitution of India provides for education as a

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