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Instrumental Conditioning During this review it will be shown how instrumental conditioning plays a role in the learning to play the sport of basketball. During this review the positive reinforcements that exist as well as the negative reinforcements that exist will be shown in detail on how they help learn a particular behavior. The role of reward and punishment will also be shown to play a major role in learning how to play the sport of basketball and in seeing just how good he or she can become with rewards and consequences. A particular form of operant conditioning will also be applied to this particular situation to prove, which part of this conditioning helps the most. Learning Situation When learning any particular behavior there are a few items that must be first learned, which I call the fundamentals of any learned behavior. In this particular situation we will be discussing how to learn the sport of basketball and become very dominant at it. When acquiring a skill such as learning how to play basketball the fundamentals are the first set of behaviors that we must learn so that we are successful in every aspect of the sport. During the acquisition of learning how to play basketball we are presented with learning the different motor skills that we already possess. When being taught we have to understand what different items, we are addressing and make sure that each particular behavior such as learning how to dribble, rebound, shoot, or pass the basketball are separately taught. Epuran and Holdevici (1993) considered that learning can be understood as the process, this concept has at its base the mechanisms that condition the learning process, manifested in terms of reorganization, assimilation, strengthening, modification, etc. Epuran (1993) pointed out that, in motor learning the exteroceptive elements, proprioceptive or rational are involved

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