Percentage Body Mass Essay

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Body Fat Percentage: The body fat percentage was calculated during the class using bioelectrical impedence and it was found to be 18%. Talking about the recommended norms of percentage body fat these are women should aim for a range of 19 to 35 percent body fat, while adult men have he range for 8 to 25 percent. Athletes usually have slightly lower ranges, but a range below 5 % fat in men and 16 % fat in women may poses health risks and affect the performance. So if we look at these norms we can easily predict that having body fat 18% is in the normal range for men but for women it is slightly more and pointing out the fact that the woman is heading towards obesity. Bioelectrical Impedence: It measures the body tissues resistance to the stream of a small, risk-free electrical signal. It is used to predict body fat using the speed and strength of the electrical signal which are sent through the body known as impedance measurements and other information regarding weight, height and gender. Pros: • It is a safe method. • Some Bioelectrical Impedance systems are very simple and fast. • It has the tendency to measure the long-term changes in the body fat. • The home measurement usually does not need a technician and hence repeated measures appear to be more accurate over time and hence more comparable to any other method. Cons: • It used to over-predict the body fat during lean and in case of athletic people. • It does not help in locating the body fat. Skinfold Measure These are used to measure the folds of fat and skin taken at precise body location. Skinfold caliper is used to measure the skin fold and the observed information is then put into location to estimate the total fats of body. Pros: • The method is inexpensive. • No requirement of any sophisticated equipment. • Easily portable. • Fast. Cons:

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