Perceived Social Support on Anxiety and Depression

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Perceived social support will be measured by perceived social support- family scale and perceived social support- friends scale designed by Mary E. Procindano and Kenneth Heller with test retest reliability coefficient .83 and with good concurrent validity. Anxiety and depression will be measured by hospital anxiety and depression scale designed by Zigmond AS, Snaith RP, as it being apt for hospital settings according to Herrman (1996) having good internal consistency and factor structure as stated by Mykletun, Stordal and Dahl (2001). The thirty participants will be male cardiac patients who are scheduled to undergo a coronary bypass surgery, who will be asked to fill in the above mentioned scales. Since the research is intended to show a relation between the variables- perceived social support and anxiety and depression, the statistical technique used will be ‘Correlation’. The study is relevant in the present days because pre operative anxiety and depression are obvious irrespective of the kind of operation; there is existence of fear and anxiety in the pre operative phase (Cemile, Duman, Kemal & Sarkilar 2007). Now to minimize this anxiety of pre operative phase there are pre operative visits by the nurses and the pre operative information given about the unit, equipments used and responding to the questions asked by patients to minimize their fear and anxiety Derham (1991). The relevance of the study can be upheld as it belongs to the popular category of psychology and health, and its applications (if conducted) would help the patient to perceive and acknowledge the social support they receive, which would minimize health complication and orient them towards aspects of well being. Support is related to health because it shares a common cause with other relationships processes. That is low social support causes poor health, low social support also causes social

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