Pequot War Essay

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The Pequot War Alisia Johnson HIS110 September 16, 2012 Professor: Priscilla MacDonald Pequot War The war between the Puritans and the Pequot Indians was one of the most striking events in the history of New England, deserving more attention than praised. Whether it was the Puritan’s simple aggression or the Pequot’s retaliation, the war of 1637 between the Puritans and Pequot's resulted in the rapid English colonization and extermination of the most powerful tribe in New England. Although the Pequot's were only trying to defend and fight for their lands, their aggression and reputation for brutality was a factor of the war. Captain John Mason carefully led his nearly 500 English, Mohegan, and Narragansett fighters through cornfields surrounding a quiet Pequot camp. Located atop a hill in present-day Mystic, Connecticut, the camp was protected by a 10- to 12-foot wooden palisade. Inside, Pequot men, women, and children were just waking up on a June morning in 1637.(St. John Crevecoeur, J. 1904) According to Eric Schultz, a sleepy Pequot, having spotted Mason and his troops, cried out, "Owanux, Owanux!" meaning "Englishmen, Englishmen!" (2011) As the Pequot's tried to defend themselves, Mason and his men charged into the fort. A battle was fought in and around tightly grouped wigwams. Concerned that Pequot warriors from a nearby village might come to the rescue, Mason set a wigwam on fire. Within minutes, the flames spread, and Pequot men, women, and children soon were running for their lives. Now According to Drake and Nash (2012), Mason and his force of English and Native American allies surrounded the village, killing or capturing any Pequot's who attempted to escape the flames. Only seven Pequot were captured and seven escaped. The rest of the 400 Pequot's perished in the inferno. Some colonists believed Mason started the fire only to cover his
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