Pepsi vs Coca-Cola

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Pepsi VS Coca-Cola Keela Murphree Eng 121 Brain Davis 07/18/2011 Pepsi VS Coca-Cola Pepsi and Coca-cola are the most widely recognized beverage brands in the United States formulated by pharmacists. Pepsi and Coca-cola are different in many ways. Pepsi is not as frizzy as Coca-cola. It is sweeter than Coke. After Pepsi sits out a while the taste is stronger. Pepsi goes down smoother than Coca-cola. When drinking Coca-cola it leaves a nasty feeling on your teeth and an awkward taste after drinking it. After letting coke sit out it becomes bitter and watery. Pepsi is blue a cooler color and Coca-cola is a red a warmer color. In Russia Pepsi out sells Coca-cola by 6 to 1 and is seen as a local brand. I would rather drink Pepsi than a Coca-cola. Pepsi is a sweeter lighter drink as Coca-cola is stronger and bolder. In Pennsylvania Pepsi files off the self in the local Wal-mart and grocery stores. Pepsi was introduced in 1890’s but was not trademarked until 1903 and it has medical claims like to cure stomach problems. Pepsi is concentrated at first then water is added. Coca-cola was introduced in 1886 as a patent medicine. It claimed to cure whatever bothered you such as an addition to morphine, headaches, and impotence as well as more. It is also a concentrate which is sold to its bottlers who then add water and bottle it. So Coke is older but both Pepsi and coke are over 100 years old and is just as popular now as they were then. I do not see this changing any time soon. I mean could you image not being able to buy Coca-cola or Pepsi. I personally cannot because, I am addicted to Pepsi. As Pepsi claims to ease stomach problems, when I was pregnant with all three of my children I used what they call “the flat Pepsi trick” to help with my morning sickness. This is first hand not an old wise tale. I can also see why Coca-cola was said

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