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Pepsi Thirsty for a Comeback PepsiCo Inc. is attempting to put a big new charge into its U.S. soda business after losing more ground last year to Coca-Cola Co. in their decades-old cola wars. The food and drinks giant plans to spend 30% more to pitch its beverages on U.S. television in 2011 than in recent years—with much of the money aimed at propping up the sagging Pepsi-Cola brand after Diet Coke overtook it last year for the first time to become the No. 2 soda in the U.S. behind regular Coke. PepsiCo is also working overtime to develop better-tasting, low-calorie natural sweeteners for its colas, revamp its packaging and make other tweak to its product line-up as part of a broader overhaul to try and claw back market share. Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink that is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. Invented in 1898 and introduced as "Brad's Drink", it was later renamed as Pepsi-Cola on June 16, 1903. Marketing trade publication Brandweek predicts that Coke and Pepsi will fight the growing backlash against bottled water with intense 'ethical' or 'responsible' marketing, understood as tying the purchase of a product to charitable activities. A number of ad campaigns for bottled water already include charitable ties. According to Brandweek, the use of A-list celebrity endorsements of these types of campaigns is likely to increase. PepsiCo has already started down this path through its relationship with Matt Damon. Earlier this year PepsiCo donated $2.5 million to Damon's H20 Africa clean water initiative. To compliment Pepsi's donation, the movie star is endorsing Ethos bottled water (Starbucks' bottled water brand), which will be launched nationally this spring through PepsiCo and Starbucks' North American Coffee Partnership joint venture. Pepsi has several trends or marketing strategies: 1. Increase spending on non-Diet Pepsi drinkers 2.

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