Peppercorn Dining Essay

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Entering and Contracting The entering and contracting is a first and critical step in the OD process. The entering process went pretty smooth. Drew expressed his concerned and clarified the Peppercorn issues by present the problems such as difficulty of staffing, and implied a reason was tightness of labor market. Also, Drew stated his goal was to “increase productivity and to improve morale among the workers” (Cumming & Worley, 2009, 218). Also, Erica used to work at Peppercorn dinning, so she already have relationships with the employees, know the language of organization, and have some insights about cause of many of its problem. Therefore, the consultants saved time in identifying the organization’s culture, informal practice, and sources of power. On the other hand, the consultants briefly explained their services and how they would first start with an initial observation of operations, gathering some data before giving feedback to the management. The formal contracting process required the consultants to propose a purpose, cost estimate, and schedule for the project. The contract contained the partners fee and the times and dates they would be working on the project, but failed to indicate how they would collecting the data, how they would analyze the data, estimated timeline of finish the project, and how to feed back to the management and the workers. Data Collection Quality of the information gathered, is a critical part of the OD process. The primary methods of collecting data used in Peppercorn dinning were mainly interviews and observations. Interview is most widely used technique for colleting data in OD. It permits the consultant to ask the workers direct questions, to gain private views and feeling about the Peppercorn, and exploring any new issues that emerge during the interview. However, the major drawback of interviews is the

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