Pep Goals Essay

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The intention of this essay is to reflect on my ongoing evaluation and to ascertain the strategies applied to achieve my PEP learning goals and comprehend what strategies worked for me in achieving my goals and what can be improved during my next clinical placement. In particular, this essay provides an account of my clinical experience and how they construct, transform and understand the clinical world they interact with during structured clinical placements. It also identifies the impediments faced in accomplishing the pre clinical goals and how these barriers can be undertaken effectively in subsequent clinical placement. After commencing my clinical placement I comprehended the goals that were set prior to commencement of my clinical placement were not appropriate. Most of my pre-clinical goals were focussed to paediatrics, but the hospital policy does not allow nursing students to take care of paediatric patients. After discussing with my clinical facilitator I set new goals that are relevant to my clinical placement and they are enhancing my teamwork, effective communication, time management, and confidence and skills development. Predominantly my first goal was to enhance my teamwork potentials. World Health Organisation (WHO) acknowledges teamwork as a significant element of healthcare and patient safety (WHO 2015). In healthcare effective teamwork has an immediate and positive impact in delivery of safe and quality patient care (WHO 2015). The significance of effective teams in healthcare is in rise due to factors such as: the growing complexity and specialization of care, increasing co-morbidities, increasing chronic disease, global workforce scarcities, and safe working hours initiatives (WHO 2015). Understanding the significance of teamwork in healthcare and nursing is fore-most thing to be an effective player. To be an effective team player an

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