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[pic] [pic] [pic] Name: JORDAN MARTIN Date of birth: 21/11/1992 Age: 15 Height: 5`7 Weight: 9.2 Resting heart rate: 60 Maximum heart rate: 105 Chosen sport / activity: FOOTBALL Fitness test results: |Multi-stage fitness ‘bleep’ test level: | | |30 metre sprint time: |4.09 SECONDS | |Hand grip dynamometer score: | | |Sit and reach score: |21 CM | |Illinois agility run time: | | | | | [pic] I will use this PEP to help me improve in football by increasing some aspects of my physical fitness. The aspects of physical fitness I will concentrate on improving are agility, pace and stamina. 1. Increasing agility will help me to move more quickly and easily be more nimble. 2. Increasing pace will help me to move about the pitch quicker with or without the football. 3. Increasing stamina will help me to keep running without losing my breath I will use fitness tests to see if my fitness has improved, as well as completing an evaluation at the end of the PEP. [pic] There are five methods of training which I could use in my PEP. 1. Circuit – is an excellent way to improve agility, strength and stamina the training format must include at least a group of strength exercises that’s are completed one exercise after another. 2. Interval – interval training involves periods of hard work followed by a timed period of rest, repeated several times during one training

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