PeopleS Ignorance, GovernmentS Strength Essay

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In society today, it is often that the powerful individuals retain their power by manipulating the masses and keeping them ignorant. In George Orwell’s 1984, the Party has used tactics which suppress the rights and freedoms of the Outer Party and the Proles. In order to keep their ruling status, the Party promotes ignorance and fear among its peoples. In this case, Oceania’s citizens can be compared with modern individuals who are immersed with propaganda-generating media which releases biased news because the government or intellectuals want citizens to stay ignorant in order to stabilize their power in society. There are similarities between the telescreens used in 1984 and modern-day propaganda because both have a similar purpose which is to convince the masses to believe what the government wants them to believe. For instance, the Party utilizes the technology of telescreens to deliver information about how much society has improved for the Inner Party and the Proles under the care of the current government. Government propaganda is so pervasive in Oceania, and the truth is often distorted in the Party’s favour. Disagreement is not accepted by a government who insists its citizens to remain ignorant. Today’s government holds a similar purpose; it limits and controls what is released into the media and what is believed by the public. For example, last month, headlines in The Vancouver Sun encouraged citizens to “Support Vancouver 2010 Olympics,” and reported good news about the “Economy Rising” instead of focusing on the number of homeless people living in downtown Vancouver. Individuals who read these headlines might believe that the provincial government is serving its citizens well, when really it is using the media to maintain ruling status. Besides spreading propaganda, the Party’s telescreens also serve to report false news reports concerning

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