Peoples History Essay

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A people’s history of the United States introduces a different, more detailed view of American History, beginning in chapter one. Many people do not know about the cruel treatment of Indians and others by the one’s who immigrated onto the lands. A lot of history is misinterpreted in today’s society. ‘For the most part, history is just a matter of perspective, mostly that of the historian recording it. It is near impossible for an historical account to be 100% free of bias, especially if the historian has a point to prove.’ Spain provided Columbus the money to sail to ‘’Asia’’, and agreed to give him 10 % of anything gold he came back with, but he never made it to Asia. It took him 32 days to sail where he landed. Although Columbus himself was not the first to see land he took credit. The Arawak people greeted Columbus naked and swam to the big boat and this is what Columbus wrote in his journal. ‘’They brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things…’’ The Arawak lived in village communities and could spin and weave. They ate yam, corn, and cassava. They did not have horses or currency. Women were treated surprisingly well by their fellow men. There were no marriage laws and women gave birth almost painlessly. They were extremely generous. They Spaniards treated the Indians terribly. They even rode on the Indians backs. Columbus saw gold in their ears as jewelry and demanded to know where it was. He took Indians as prisoners and eventually when the weather turned cold, they began to die. Columbus said the Indians were naïve, and he took advantage. Sometime later he decided to take a second expedition. He promised Spain more slaves and gold in return for more men and ships. Men were always working in mones and could only come home to their wives about every eight months,and then they were too tied to reproduce. When babies
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