People’s Memories Shape Their Understanding of Themselves, Their World and Others.

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People’s memories shape their understanding of themselves, their world and others. Our current reality is shaped all from memories. The only reason we know how to talk is from memories of how we have heard words been spoken. The only reason we know hot drive a car is memory from watching parents or hearing an instructor tell you what to do. Whether or not be want to be successful at school is because of memories of parents who tell us to try our best. An example of memory shaping someone’s understanding of themselves is in Spies when old Stephen goes back to The Close. He goes back to try and make sense of his memories to understand better what was going on. However following these memories is difficult for Stephen as they are child’s memories and happened a long time ago and even appear in black and white. Old Stephen has trouble putting these memories in chronological order to truly understand what young Stephen was thinking. He also struggles to actually understand these memories because these memories came from a young boy and now as an older man he can't really understand these memories properly. Because these memories come from young Stephen, old Stephen feels as if something is unresolved and is compelled to go back to The Close to try and settle that feeling. So these faded memories shape older Stephen’s world and to fully understand himself he needs to uncover these memories and try to make sense of them. Another example would be Inception the movie. Throughout each dream state the memories of the dreamers are displayed as projections. Some of these memories are trying to kill them. This shows how memories can shape a person’s world, or even their dreams. This concept relates to humanity as well. The dreams we have are based on memories we have. We might watch a horror movie one night and then that memory will be in our dream when we are sleeping. Even

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