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PEOPLE LIKE US David Brooks, in his short essay “People Like Us”, writes about the implications in pursuing diversity. Brooks debunks the myth how Americans believe in diversity. Brooks believes America has been segmented because people want to be with those will that they are familiar. Even though this may be true, diversity strengthens a nation, people from other cultures add to others people development, and everyone may learn from each other. Brooks is correct when he writes diversity begins within the individual. America has become synonym with diversity, but Diversity is the America’s strength. People from all over the world come here because they see a nation where anyone can exist and live peacefully. The beliefs, customs, and morals they bring with them influence our nation to change for the better and help create a better world. As Brooks mention in his essay, the segmentation of the society divide the country. The pursuit of diversity strengthens of America is in unity, as a nation there is a need to come together as a people combine talents and powers towards accomplishing a common goal. Because of diversity, one would be able to add to their development by learning from other cultures. These diverse vantage works to our advantage when we encounter new problems in different situations. Rather than viewing the world through a single focus lens one is to view the world from another perspective. Additionally, interacting with people who are different from us definitely increases one’s knowledge base. Diversity can only increase a person’s perspective of the world. Finally, everyone has something that we can learn from other, then we appreciate that everyone really is unique. Diversity allows us to learn from the ideas and thoughts of others. In fact, these ideas that might be considered ‘out of the box’ for one culture,

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