People Have Become Overly Dependant on Technology

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People have become overly dependent on technology. By Tyler Jenkins People have become overly dependent on technology. I mean I wrote this whole speech on a laptop. Which basically proves how valid my point is. I mean can you honestly tell yourself that you are not dependent on technology? Most people theses days don’t even know how to write a letter, and the kids of tomorrow wont even know what a letter is. We are as sharp as a bag of hammers, without technology. Essentially we can say, “Living without technology, is like living without air”. Just like “You cant ride a bike with out wheels”. Although, I am not saying that we should get rid of technology all together. Maybe just cut Down on the dependency or craving to use it. I very much like technology. It’s amazing how far technology has come over the years. I cant live without my phone or Internet. And I am sure this is the case for most of you. Technology helps to keep us in touch with our friends. Yes. But is it really going to hurt you if you don’t talk to your friend for 19 hours overnight? Most of these 19 hours are spent sleeping anyway and I don’t want to speak for everyone here but I am 90 per cent sure that all of you love sleep. Like who doesn’t love escaping the world for a few hours its great. But back to my point. I guess that people have become dependent on technology maybe because it is too much effort to get up, go to a library, look for a book and read it to find your answer. But it is so much easier to use technology to find out “How Many metres In Ten Kilometres” or “how to make a chocolate cake” all we have to do is just press one button slide right and then we have a entire ‘alternative’ world of knowledge at our fingertips. And even now all we have to do is speak and SIRI knows exactly what we want. Mostly. So basically people are getting to lazy which could potentially lead to

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