People Do Not Lie in a Workplace

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Executive Summary The purpose of the research was to establish whether people lie in the workplace. The research draws attention to the fact that we all tell lies every day. We have lied to our teachers about not doing our homework and to our bosses about the things that we have not done. People start telling lies at a very tender age. One of the reasons why children tell lies is because they learn it from their parents. Fancies and magic fascinates children, and that is the reason why they believe all the lies told by their parents. Children believe stories they are told about Santa, and when they grow up, they believe that it is okay to tell lies with the purpose of striking fantasy. There are also situations that parents encourage children to tell lies. The research established that lies are told to ease situations that are uncomfortable. This is the reason why tell lies in the workplace. There are different lies that are told in the workplace. The lies that people tell because they believe that they are less deceptive, those lies which exaggerate the truth, and the lies which are based on concealments and falsifications. The fact is that lies are told all the time to get out of tricky situations. Managers should be able to establish when their employees are lying. They should also educate and encourage their employees on telling the truth. From the research, it was concluded that indeed lies do exist in the work place, and this is a habit that has been cultured since we were children. It is, therefore, the responsibility of every individual to establish what values they hold in regard to honesty. We should tell the truth in the workplace as we mostly do at home. This way less lies will be told. Lies in the Workplace We should all admit that we do lie. We have told people how good their make-up looks; while you think that it is all smudged up. You may have

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