people can be taught to be more creative

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Many people believe that being creative is an inherent ability; a gift that originates from within and cannot be changed. If this were true, then only certain people would be fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to develop this talent, leaving the rest of humanity unable to be imaginative and innovative. Creativity is a trait that everyone does naturally possess, although it may be less obvious in certain people. It is possible for these certain people to become more creative, however, through various teachings. Individuals can go through training and practice various techniques that can increase their level of creativity. For example, practicing different thinking processes and even encouraging one to see things from a different perspective can spark creativity leading to innovative ideas which were not thought of previously (iCi Arts). Methods of teaching someone to be more creative can be as simple as changing environments. A different atmosphere is a good way to stimulate the brain and inspire new thoughts. Developing ideas through lateral thinking builds upon ones creativity as well. The individual views an idea from various angles as opposed to just one perspective. New connections are made through this thought process which help in forming new ideas. These are only a few of the countless methods that can stimulate one’s creativity (de Bono, 2004). Although some individuals will always be more creative than others, everyone can increase how much creative skill they possess and enhance their creativity in general. Practicing techniques involving stimulating the brain and encouraging thinking habits one would not normally possess can significantly impact how creative a person can be. References Coleman, K. (1997). The Top Ten Keys to Developing Personal Creativity. Retrieved January 30, 2005, 2005, from
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