People Are Getting Fat and Lazy Because They Spend Too Much Time Using Computers. Essay

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People are getting fat and lazy because they spend too much time using computers. Nowadays each person has at least one computer. The technologies are improving each day, the internet is getting faster and faster and people get addicted to the computer easily. That is one of the main reasons why laziness is spreading like a disease. A new study has shown that people who spend more time in front of computers have a higher obesity risk, even if they think they get enough exercise during the week. First of all, using the computers requires a stable pose. You will surely not be able to move a lot when you are watching a movie through the computer or just browsing the internet. When you get used to it, you start getting lazy and your body does not get enough exercise so you might start gaining weight. Secondly, spending too much time on your computer can be bad because it can affect your health. It can cause eye damage and can also cause headaches because of needing to focus on the computer all day. When a person has terrible headache after staring at the computer the whole day, there is no doubt that he will have no intention to go somewhere and he will just go to sleep. Finally, the worst thing is when you start eating while watching movies. The merit of watching movies through the computer is that you can pause it whenever you like. And so like that the pause button becomes harmful, because you start pausing the movie once in a while just to go grab a bite to eat. That is very convenient, but also harmful, because that is what makes people fat. All in all, I think that computers are not the only thing that causes laziness in contemporary world, but they certainly play a huge role in

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