People Are Changed by Experiences of Conflict

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‘People are changed by experiences of conflict.’ Conflict plays an important role in all of our lives. It can transform us as individuals. With different beliefs and opinions, conflict is unavoidable. Through conflict comes individual development which allows many to become stronger. However, some are brought to a worse state as friendship and trust deteriorates. Through repeating events of conflict, many are able to learn and grow from their experience, enabling them to adjust how they respond to an arising conflict, to alter the outcome for better or for worse. By this familiarity, people learn to be able to control the situation confidently. When individuals have learned to manage with conflicts due to things like personality, class and gender differences, they will find it easier to deal with larger issues. The Film Paradise road, directed by Bruce Beresford, demonstrates this concept. It shows how the women in a Japanese prisoner of war camp are able to stand up to the Japanese, as a result of the developments they had made as individuals by the resolving of smaller conflicts between themselves. This is shown when the large group of women begin to sing as a choir, going against the Japanese’s initial demands. Through their performances they were able to form a bond with the Japanese, and the conflicts between them fizzled out. It was evident by this, that after growing from smaller conflict, people become further equipped to deal with more serious conflicts. Experiences with conflict can also lead people to distress and despair. This is often the case when the nature of the conflict is too severe for one to sensibly deal with, or either party simply won’t let up. These are instances where grudges are held, and people remain enemies, unwilling to forgive each other, generating more distress than the initial brutality of the

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