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McDonald’s was established in 1940. In 1960, it officially changed its name to McDonald's. It is famous for its fast food all around the world. Its logo is a big “M”.We can see it in 121 countries.It has about thirty thousand and twenty hundreds Stores in the world. In addition, McDonald's also controls the other food and beverage brands, such as the afternoon coffee Aroma, Aroma Cafe, Boston Market, Chipotle Mexican tortilla fast-food restaurants, Donatos Pizza and Pret a manager.I will use the SWOT analysis to find out its strength, weakness, opportunity and threat Strength drive-through It is a fast food service mode. Consumers to complete all the shopping process in the car: "consumers drive in the first window to order, then pay at the second window, and then take the third window, then drive away. All the restaurants aim to deliver their products to the consumers within 3 minutes. This way of selling is exclusive to McDonald's, it provides convenience for many customers. A big brand For lack of market management of investors, in the face of fierce market competition environment, often at a disadvantage. Invest in a good performance and strong franchise business, with its brand image, management mode and other support systems, the risk is reduced greatly. About the advantages of economies of scale also not allow to ignore. These economies of scale include: procurement scale, advertisement scale and operation scale, technology, development scale, etc. The final total is important to obtain more support. Joining trader can be obtained from franchisee is the support of many sided, such as training, choosing address, financing, market analysis, unified advertising, technology transfer, etc Expansion in low cost McDonald’s has a privilege to franchise, McDonald’s uses this franchise to carry out large-scale low-cost expend. With the help of low-cost expend,

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