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AP Chemistry Guide for writing and formatting a formal lab report Lab Notebook Set-up ← Number all pages in lower outside corner, in ink. ← On page 1: Design an aesthetically pleasing cover page. Include your name, course title (AP Chemistry), the school year and a graphic. Graphics must be completed in color and represent the full gamut of chemistry ideas. This may be hand-drawn, computer generated or a collage effect using periodicals. Selected clip-art will not meet these requirements. ← Pages 2-3 are reserved* for your table of contents. Neatly write “Table of Contents” centered on the top line. Then create a neat table (using ruler and ink or computer generated) with columns shown below. For each lab you will complete the columns as shown on the table. Your teacher will record the grade earned. *Note: The number of pages each student will require for the table of contents varies depending on neatness, size of handwriting, etc. All students will leave three pages for the table of contents. |Lab Number |Date Submitted |Lab title |Page Numbers |Grade | | | | | |Earned | |1 |09/10/09 |Separation of Mixture |5-10 | | |2 |09/25/09 |Determination of Rate Law Lab |11-16 | | | | | | | | Formatting a Lab Report All sections will be neatly, legibly, and handwritten in ink unless otherwise stated for the section. You are expected to follow the appropriate rules of English grammar as well as use a dictionary for spelling.

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