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External Environment Analysis Industry characteristics: Procter and Gambles Company is global manufacturer for consumer products. The market of consumer products has stepped into a mature and heavily saturated position. In the industry, competition is very intense and each company is trying to occupy more market shares. Therefore, innovation and differentiation from competitors are keys to take the leading position in this industry. Demographic Trend: Procter & Gamble has marketed its products over 180 centuries around the world. The world population is growing over years, which means more consumer products are needed. By the reason, consumer products market grew at a steady rate during the last century ( ).The figure shows world population over last 100 years: In addition, consumers’ attitude on purchasing are charged; they are more likely to choose health, nature and environment friendly products. It requires P&G to focus on product innovation and improvement. Economic Climate: Nowadays, the world economic is still in recession period. Many countries, such as Italy, Greece and Spain, are suffering seriously debt crisis. Many countries’ major economic indicates, which like GDP and Unemployment rate, discourage the business investments and consume activities. There is less spending on North American consumers and the companies reduce their oversea imports. However, under the bad economic climate, the P&G consumer products market just has slight effects, it still had 4000 million market value and kept 3.5% growth rate during the 2010 ( ). Political and Legal Condition: Every country is trying to protect and re-energize its economy from recession. They are setting up new policies to encourage business investments and consumer activities; it gives P&G both

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