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------------------------------------------------- Penguin Report ------------------------------------------------- International Marketing & Communications Ana Colin Word Count: 2995 Date: 07.05.2014 Table des matières I. Introduction 3 II. Situation Overview 4 A. PESTEL 4 B. Porter’s 5 Forces 5 C. SWOT 8 III. Strategy Formulation and Ressources Allocation 9 A. Marketing Objectives – Identify Options 9 B. Detailed Implementation – Marketing Strategies 11 IV. Conclusion 14 References 15 Appendices 18 Appendix 1: Overview of the industry, the market 18 Appendix 2: The C-class is booming 21 Appendix 3: Extended PESTEL analysis 22 Appendix 4: Extended Porter’s 5 Forces 24 Appendix 5: Number of readers by Economic Class 26 Appendix 6: Readership in foreign languages 27 I. Introduction Ranked as the 9th biggest publishing market in the world, Brazil is an attractive key platform for international companies (Stevens, 2013). As Baensch (2006) stated, Brazilian publishers face the “challenge of creating a demand for books with new marketing and sales management” and then need to “be able to fill the demand with effective national distribution”. The mission statement would be to rely on their merger and acquisition to strengthen their business performance in Latin America, especially in Brazil, by expanding their position in the trade book market, as part of their business-building activities in growth regions. The corporate objectives are to increase Penguin market share, turnover, presence and reputation in the Brazilian market by the end of 2016. This report aim is therefore to propose a strategic marketing plan to reach them, based on a deep analysis of the market and the company to identify the opportunities and therefore choosing

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