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Penelope’s Wait “Odysseus, you mustn’t leave! Is it truly worthwhile to wage war for an adulteress?” I, the queen of Ithaca, pleaded my husband not to leave. It was too late though. Understanding that it was by force, and not will that he was leaving, I calmed myself. I watched helplessly as the king’s ship and crew, along with a dozen others, sailed off into the seemingly-everlasting sea. Slowly, I paced back to the castle, hearing all sorts of whisperings about Penelope and Odysseus from common goers. Already, agony had started to dwell inside my heart and mind, longing for Odysseus’ return. Arriving home, I heard the cry of an infant; our son, yet to be named. After a few days of pondering, I settled upon Telemachus, meaning ‘far-away fighter’, in spite of his father. Aside from the palace and a few of his belongings, Telemachus was all I had left of Odysseus. Oh, how I loved the child, with a dire passion. Suitors must be the worst. Each of them trying, day after day, year after year, to have me marry one of them. They had overtaken the hall, nearly a hundred of them, none paying restitution for the anguish they had caused me. Most, not even having the decency to be clothed in my presence, laid around in the nude during their revelry. The throng of suitors was overwhelming; making it travailing for me to believe Odysseus was to return home. The suitors became more ravenous by the day, wanting me to select my new husband. I had to think of something to keep the eager suitors occupied; thus, I told them I would choose one of them after I was done weaving a shawl for Laertes, Odysseus’ father. I would weave all day, in front of those suitors, and then unweave the shawl at night, giving me more time to await my husband’s return. However, as time pressed on, my hope for Odysseus’ return, started to slightly dwindle. It had been nearly twenty years since the king

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