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Simple Pendulum Learning Objective: In this laboratory we observed the oscillation of the period of a simple pendulum. We measured two different masses and calculated the time it took at different lengths that it took the pendulum to swing. Theory: As simple as the pendulum appears what it generally consist of in this experiment and what is taken into consideration during every trail is the mass of the bob and the concentration at a point in the center of that bob. The bob starts from rest at a certain angle and once the bob is let go it goes to the opposite point and swings back and forth in a time frame that is averaged at the end. The motion is continued until friction comes in contact and slows it down. Some of the physical independent variables of the simple pendulum are the length from the point it pivots, the angular displacement, two different masses of the bob, which is the time it takes the pendulum to complete the vibration. Formulas F = -mgsinθ, This formula explains the Force being up on the oscillating pendulum. The mass times the gravitational pull times the angle at which the pendulum starts at rest. It can be expressed as F= -mgθ because sinθ and θ are very close together in terms of radians. F = ma = -mg/L(x) or a=-g/L(x) This formula shows that the swing of the pendulum is proportional to the displacement from the equal and opposite side it is directed towards. This formula is the formula to measure the time it takes for the “bobs” to go from one point to the opposite side. We measure exactly what are those seconds. It is always measured in seconds. Procedure: • Adjust the Length of the pendulum so that it measures the given lengths from the chart each time you do the experiment. • Make sure the Science Workshop interface box and open the program to start the project. • Connect to Photogate • Setup the

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