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Period of a Pendulum Question: What factors will affect the period of pendulum? Hypothesis and Background: Pendulum - A weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely. Equilibrium Position - When the weight is hanging straight down. Amplitude - The angle of the weight from the equilibrium. Period - The length of time it takes for a cycle of some repeating event (like the swinging of pendulum) to occur. If the weight is farther away from the frictionless pivot point then it will take a longer period of time for the weight to make a full swing because the weight must travel a longer distance. Distance equals speed multiplied by time. If the distance is longer and the speed is the same then it must take more time. Materials: - Ring stands - Stop watch - A big 14.7g rubber stopper - Fishing line - Meter stick - Mass scale - Scissors - A small 6.6g rubber stopper Procedure: 1. Measure out 1 meter of fishing line. 2. Tie both stoppers to each end of the fishing line. 3. Wrap the fishing line around the ring of the ring stand. 4. Make sure the Big stopper is 15 centimeters away from the ring of the ring stand. Also make sure you measure from the middle of the stopper. 5. Wrap the extra fishing line around the ring stand so the little weight won’t hit the big weight when the big weight is in motion. 6. Lay the ring stand off the side of a so that the stopper won’t hit anything. 7. Make a data table to record the number of swings in 1 minute. 8. Drop the stopper parallel to the ground. At the the same time drop the stopper and count how many swings the stopper can go in 1 minute. 9. Repeat steps at different lengths. 10. Graph your data as average swings in 1 minute vs. string length. Make sure to do a best fit line. 11. Analyze your data. Data and Observations: Average swings in 1 minute vs. string length String

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