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Pelican Brief Plot Summary

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  • on March 11, 2013
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The pelican brief plot summary
The pelican brief was a great book with many twists and turns. Two easy target Supreme Court justices are assassinated: liberal justice Rosenberg is assassinated at home while conservative justice Jensen is killed at a local inappropriate cinema. Meanwhile a theory of who did it cooked up by a law student at Tulane causes many problems for her and many others.
The theory states that a wealthy oil tycoon killed the both of them because the justices saw eye to eye on only one topic, environmentalism. The tycoon wanted to drill in waters native to an endangered species, the pelican.
Also this wealthy man happened to be friends with the president; with these two men out of the way the president was able to pick the two new justices.   Not only is he swimming in oil money but his friend gets to appoint the new justices.
Once she writes this she lets her lover/ professor read it. Who then gives it to his best friend, His friends has ties to the FBI and once he gets it, the paper gets its way to the president who doesn’t want the theory investigated because it would ruin his image. So all the stones are left unturned.
Then one night she went to dinner with her lover. But when he went to the car it exploded, she then knew she was in trouble. From that point She was being followed going from hotel to hotel, paying in cash. Changing her hair color semi daily. She decided to get in contact with a reporter, Gray Grantham. She summarizes the pelican brief to him and he runs the story. The oil tycoon goes to jail and everyone’s happy.

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