Peggy Baldwin A Toxic Candy Analysis

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Hung Nguyen Hoang. ENG 101 – Fall 09. Peggy Baldwin. A toxic candy. Improving people's standards of living. The necessity to combat poverty. Providing the living wage for the working poor. All of those statements are Fair Labor Standard Act’s claims that made a lot of people hold as beliefs when it proposed to raise the minimum wage. Minimum wage is the "lowest hourly wage firms may legally pay their workers.” To simplify, minimum wage is the base wage created to guarantee the ability of the worker to supply his/her needs (or family's), and to prevent the firms, by chances, exploiting their employees. In 1938, minimum wage first appeared with $0.25 per hour, and through out the time, it has been adjusted to $5.15…show more content…
Indisputably, workers who shoulder the burdens of family should have the priority to be supported by society. However, regardless to the fact that they may end up losing their jobs, a primary question should be considered: does raising the minimum wage really affect workers who are supporting their families? Ironically, it doesn’t. Thomas Sowell, an American economist who was awarded the Bradley Prize for intellectual achievement in 2003, has demonstrated in his article “The Living Wage kills Jobs” that in every 5 workers, there’s less than one person who has a family to support (par. 8). The four people remained should be accounted mostly by teenage workers. As a matter of fact, workers who have the responsibility with their families do not profit from the action. What they may get is the pressure from the jobs’ competition coming from behind when jobs have become so scarce. The minimum wage act seems to lose its core goal, therefore it’s pointless to be…show more content…
Those actions seem all good; nonetheless, in real world, it often ends up the adverse consequences. Most of the time, politicians speak in the benefit of people; yet, in fact, they have a bigger goal to do so: to be popular or to get elected. Because of that reason, everyone should not look at the surface of the issue but dig down inside to see its real nature. Things just may not be the way it seems. It&rsquo;s like a toxic candy with poison inside but sweet sugar covering outside. Congress may not be able to predict the consequences, or it could have already recognized the negative outcomes but still chose to continue because the results sound good to people. Raising the minimum wage won&rsquo;t be efficient unless it&rsquo;s adjusted sufficiently and accordingly to the movement of market wages and inflation (even by doing so, there will be still a number of job losing but that&rsquo;s unavoidable). Otherwise, nothing but the opportunity of teenagers &ndash;the future of the world- will be damaged. Works Cited Frisby, John. &ldquo;The Young and the Jobless.&rdquo; The Wall Street Journal. 3 Oct. 2009. 5 Oct. 2009 < >.

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