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Pefap Essay

  • Submitted by: fuzzthing24
  • on September 1, 2012
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3.2- How to continually monitor and assess an unresponsive but breathing normally child or infant in your care

When a child is unconscious/ unresponsive and you have completed a primary survey and know that they do not need CPR because their breathing is normal you must continue to monitor and assess their condition until help arrives. Whilst waiting for help to arrive you can carry out a secondary survey, check the area around the child to suggest clues of what might have happened. Look for tale tale signs for illness or injury such as being pale, swelling, deformities, bruising and rashes. Then a head to toe examination of the child/ infant to also check for signs of injuries or illness. talk to the child during this, even though they are unresponsive they may still be aware of what is happening. Whilst doing this you must also make protecting the airway a priority, rechecking their breathing throughout this process in-case the situation changes to take suitable action. You can protect the airway if the child is lying on there back by putting them in the recovery position, this prevents vomit and fluids blocking the mouth and also stops the tongue from touching the back of the throat which can stop them breathing or to choke. Do not leave the child alone stay with them and continue to check their breathing and pulse, talk to them about what is happening this will help to calm them.

4.1- Identify when to administer CPR to an unresponsive infant and an unresponsive child who is not breathing normally

CPR is the last stage in the primary survey.
The primary survey is :
1. Check for danger to yourself, the casualty and any bystanders
2. Check for a response from the casualty by calling them, gently shake their shoulders and ask if they are ok. If no response then call for help and stay with them.
3.Clear the airway by using head tilt and chin lift. Check inside their mouth if possible for obstructions or objects.
4. Whilst keeping the airway open check...

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  • Submitted by: fuzzthing24
  • on September 1, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Length: 692 words
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