Peer Pressure Essay

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“Peer Pressure” According to the article “Teenagers, friends and bad decisions” by Pope Parker states that peer pressure has a bad effect on teenagers and most of the time they are more likely to misbehave and take risks while they are watched by their friends. In a study at Temple University on 40 teenagers and adults examine their brain activity when they were playing alone versus with their friend watching .In that study young teenagers tended to make risky decisions when they were being watched by their friends. In the article the author says that the presence of peers influence a teenager to take risk without thinking the future. They get over excited or tensed to achieve something in front of their friends. Most of the time they tended to show-off. They are not mature enough to take decisions. They get influenced by their friends and make bad decision in their life. For example most of the young people tended to behave different in front of their peers and sometimes their brain signals works faster to challenge the peer. A study has shown that the presence of peers mostly influence a teenager rather than an adult. Teenagers have lack of experiences about life and reality than an adult. An author of the study named Laurence Steinberg said “the presence of peers activated the reward circuitry in the brain of adolescents that it didn’t do in the case of adults”. Because adults are more mature, responsible, discipline than a teenager to face any kind of situation in life. For example, the result of the study was that there were no meaningful differences in risk taking among adults and teenagers but the young teenagers ran about 40% more yellow lights and 60% more crashes when they knew their friends were watching. Furthermore, we usually see that in a whole life time people mostly make mistakes in teenage period when they get influenced by their

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