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Peer Pressure Essay

  • Submitted by: chef12
  • on November 29, 2011
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As we know peer pressure doe’s not end there. Teenagers may also associate with many different groups of peers or friends that could be experimenting with alcohol. The teenagers that are comfortable with underage drinking usually hold house parties when their parents are not home or are away on vacation. The teens obtain alcohol from any adult willing to purchase it for them. Many of the teens who attend these parties, but do not drink alcohol, could be pressured by his or her friends to drink. With the need to feel accepted, or be part of the “ in “ crowd the teenagers drink to be socially accepted, not realizing that the effects of underage drinking can be devastating. The teenagers can form alcohol dependencies, binge drink, and perhaps lead to alcohol poisoning, which can be fatal. Underage drinking can also lead teenagers to make wrong decisions while under the influence of alcohol, such as unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancies, to drinking and driving and getting caught by the police. Many teenagers that have experienced peers pressure and the negative effects that came with their decisions to be accepted by his or her peers, could follow them into adulthood unless positive life changes are made.
Overall, teenagers should take the time to recognize the effects of peer pressure and the dangerous behavior they participate in. Smoking and drinking are two of these dangerous pressures teens take part in, to gain acceptance by his or her peers that can result in life long consequences.

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