Pediatric Head Injury Essay

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Pediatric head injury is a topic that has received a lot of attention recently. Sports related injuries and concussions have become a hot topic. The fact that children are top heavy and have high incidences of head injuries is one reason for parents and caregivers to educate themselves. Two websites that present this information are and Journal of Trauma Nursing, which is through the Society of Trauma Nurses and can be found at Each website is aimed at a different audience. The primary audience for the Journal of Trauma Nursing is trauma nurses, while Kidshealth is for parents and lay public seeking information on first aid. The Journal of Trauma Nursing starts with a case study and follows with a plan of care for a pediatric trauma patient with a head injury. It educates about pediatric considerations, evaluation, management, and treatment. It is formally written as it is an article in the Journal of Trauma Nursing, which is “the only peer reviewed journal dedicated to trauma nursing.”( Medical language is used, and one must have experience in the medical field to understand it. The sentence and paragraph length varies. Some sections have one to two paragraphs, while others have up to six. Parts are very in depth, and one must be able to concentrate so they can fully understand the information. This confirms that the audience must have a medical education, and it is not best utilized as a quick reference. There is one figure on the website, and it is a flowchart of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Trauma Service Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Guideline. This could be printed and used in a hospital by nursing staff to reinforce the teaching provided in the article. On the opposite side of the education spectrum, Kidshealth begins by defining basic words; it is very simple, precise, and

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