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Jeremy Shankman March 18th, 2015 Case Study 2 Questions Week 3 1. What are the sources of pressure on a firm such as Frito-Lay to reduce its environmental footprint? The effect of industrialization and the increasing population of humanity are both reasons why natural resources are being overly consumed, outstripping the resource base on an unprecedented scale. The use of resources and subsequently reductions in operational costs is the primary reason why several companies are making the efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. Sustainable business spending would also increase rapidly because it is seen as a catalyst for more productive improvements which is a win for human beings, the company and our earth when reducing resources and lowering cost while still being sustainable. A company’s reputation is also a big factor as to why companies wanted to reduce environmental footprint as more investors are becoming increasingly interested in the environmental performance of a company where they put their money into. Also, because of customer awareness, large manufacturers and retailers are also using their buying power to push suppliers into more environmentally friendly practices. Green is the new ideal trend and it should be sticking around. Now it is much better to be knowledgable about your health as well as making overall healthier choices and it helps to know some of the companies we tend to rely on are also doing their part to become greener and meet the peoples needs. 2. Identify the specific techniques that Frito-Lay is using to become a green manufacturer. Using resources, regulations, and reputation as a basis, the company like Frito-Lay gets a lot of pressure from external as well as internal sources to reduce their environmental footprint. External sources that force the companies are like the government, forces driving environmental

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